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Reported issues, page 1 or 1,247,762,341 

Internet Explorer 10, does not full support ActiveX or XMLHttprequest.

Issues with MICR0SOFT(R) Exchange ActiveSync and third-party devices

MICR0SOFT(R) 'Fix It' solution center, please allow 7 to 10 hours to read and understand this information.

MICR0SOFT(R) 'Reporting and solving:) computer problems

MICR0SOFT(R) 'Report problems and check for solutions automaticially

MICR0SOFT(R) 'Dump Internet Explorer until MICR0SOFT(R) issues patch, security experts warn!' PCWorld Report

'Does the MICR0SOFT(R) Surface Really Fall Apart?' Forbes(R)

Software issues:

Windows 7, MICR0SOFT(R) Windows Live Mail:  Have you ever tried to do a normal search using MICR0SOFT(R) Windows 7 Live Mail?  Sounds simple enough, however MICR0SOFT(R)'s Windows 7 Live Mail doesn't seem to have a text-in-body search.  You can search from, subject, and other locations, but not the body.  Doesn't the body of the email contain the most text, the meat of the email, the reason why the other person sent you the email, the content of the email?  Of course it does, so how could any email service not include an easy method?

Ok, here is a real mind blower for 2010: I'm using my 4 year old PC with MICR0SOFT(R) Windows XP trying to rename then email photos/images to one of my clients.  As I right click on a photo/image's name to 'rename' the image, the file view window automatically changes from 'Thumbnail' to 'Tile' to 'Icon' to 'details' etc all by itself and won't let me enter more than 1 or 2 letters before it starts changing views again.

What the hell for, and what type of an application could possible benefit from this function?

 Windows XP, Intel processor, about 1 year old system from New Egg (no support people,) and here's my problem:  MICR0SOFT(R)'s Outlook Express popped up with a window suggesting I let Outlook Express compress email files to save data space.  I have just over a Terabyte of available space on a new Western Digital 'Black' drive, but since Outlook repeatedly asks for me to allow it to compress the files, I thought, sure, why not, I can always decompress the files at a  later date if it make the system to slow.  Well, don't do it!  MICR0SOFT(R)'s Outlook lost all my files from November 1st through December 15th and doesn't have a recovery or restore option!  When I went online I found I should be able to located the emails/files and rename them.  Well, they're not there and I even looked for all the filename[1] etc files. 

Why would Outlook Express delete all the newer emails/files and why wouldn't it offer a decompression or recovery option that would restore the originals?

 Outlook Version 6, can't download email to my Inbox and can't delete emails.

I'm using MICR0SOFT(R) Outlook with Windows XP Service Pack 2 and I can't download messages in to my Inbox or Delete any of the old emails.  I've called tech support but they want to get paid for fixing their own program!

MICR0SOFT(R) Outlook V6 error message:

An unknown error has occurred. Account: 'mail.15551212.com', Server: 'mail.15551212.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0133

Outlook Version 6, can't open more than 2 emails without receiving an out of memory message! 

MICR0SOFT(R) Outlook with MICR0SOFT(R) XP service pack 2 and all updates and I can't open more than 2 emails without receiving a out of memory warning from Outlook and the email content is all blank!  My Asus motherboard and Intel Dual Core CPU has 3 GB of RAM and 1.5TB of hard drive space with over 1.25TB free, so why in the heck does it say I'm out of memory?

Windows Live Mail, can't find the home network to print anything.

My wife has a new Toshiba Netbook with Windows 7 and MICR0SOFT(R) Live Mail which can't find out home network to print through yet it finds the Internet through the same Linksys router just fine and goes on like immediately.  I used to own a computer store for over 10 years and can write in over 6 computer languages, but I can't figure this basted out!

By the way, does it make any sense for Windows 7 to report that it can't find a file, when the network setup software ask for the printer name?  A printer is not a file!

Windows Outlook Express and Office 2000, but Outlook has never let me send email, but it receives email just fine.

Outlook Express with MICR0SOFT(R) Office 2000, HP laptop with 3 GB of RAM, 850GB Hard drive, MICR0SOFT(R) Windows Vista and I've never been able to send email, only receive email.  I've tried re-installing the operating system, Office 2000, ran all the updates and still I can't send and MICR0SOFT(R) Outlook Express keeps saying it can find the 'Contact file'.

MICR0SOFT(R)'s bull shit software:  I have been a programmer and computer store owner for nearly 35 years and I honestly have to say Bill Gates and MICR0SOFT(R) has cost countless individuals and businesses billions of dollars in wasted time and money simply because it sells its products long before they are complete and most, if not all, were not ready to release. There probably isn't Windows a owner out that hasn't, from time to time, had Windows crashed, Outlook lose data, Front Page lock up their system, not to mention the countess software compatibility errors and memory issues.  Someone needs to take legal action against this company and have them fix their bull shit software!  

The only good things I can say about MICR0SOFT(R) products are from when I owned a computer store, we knew we were going to increase our bottom line each and ever time MICR0SOFT(R) introduced new products.

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If you think you can't get help or support from MICR0S0FT now, wait until your Microsoft Windows Lifecycle ends.  Oh, didn't you read the disclaimer when you bought your Microsoft merchandise?  Microsoft has limited your support, given your product an expiration date.  So what will the support be like then? 

At least then we'll know we can't get support, whereas now, we think we can, we just don't know how it's done.

Google and Apple, are you sure Microsoft is the model you want to copy your services and support after?  By the way, where is your easy to located support phone number?